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65W GaN Charger
65W GaN Charger
65W GaN Charger
65W GaN Charger
65W GaN Charger
65W GaN Charger
65W GaN Charger
65W GaN Charger
65W GaN Charger
65W GaN Charger
65W GaN Charger

65W GaN Charger

Model NO.
US $ 10.80-11.20 / pieces
Minimum order quantity:
200 pieces
Supply Ability:
5000 pieces / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
15 Days
gan 65w charger

Dual-Port Design with USB-C and USB-A Frees You from Messy Chargers with Various Interfaces and Allow You to Charge 2 Different Devices at the Same Time. Up to 80% Charge in 30 Minutes for iPhone 8 or later I don't want to carry the big charger that came with my mac pro while traveling. This Power-lot gan 65w charger does what i want.

Product information
  • gan 65w charger
  • Model No:C012
  • Size:66x62x32mm
  • Total power:65W
  • Power input:AC 100-240V
  • USB output:DC5.0V-3.0A 9.0V-2.0A 12V-1.5A
  • Type-C output:DC5.0-20.5V
  • 9.0V-3.0A 12V-3.0A
  • 15V-3.0A 20V-3.25A
  • Color: Black/White

    Superpower 65WGaN Charger
    Supported by Gan and innovative technology
    Type-C+USB dual fast port charging For laptop/tablet/phone/game console

    super power 65W

    What is GaN?
    New material plus innovative technology lighter and faster
    Gallium nitride[GaN] is a new type of semiconductor material,which has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity,high temperature resistance,radiation resistance,acid and alkali resistance,high strength and high hard-ness.Using GaN components,the charger can not only be designed at smallsize and lightweight,but also has advantages in charging power conversioncompared with the same power charger(non-GaN)

    faster charger

    product parameters

    USB output:DC5V-12V5V/3A,9V/2A
    colour:black white 12V/1.5A
    Single portType c:65w
    Single port USB:18W 12V/3A,15V/3A,20V/3.25A
    double output:Type c45W USB18w
    Total power:65W
    Material:Plastic flame retardant material


    Collocation of freedom
    Multi-national standard plugs can be converted at will Four types of plugs,easy to travel 150 countries.

    SUCH AS:

    Multi-national pulgs

    Multiple protection
    Safety protection from the inside out Built-in multiple safety protections,escort your charging process.

    Overpower protection 
    Short circuit protection
    overcurrent protection
    Temperature protection
    Overvoltage protection
    Battery protection

    super power 65W

    Support PD protocol Fast charging
    without restraint Type C output port supports iP fast charging protocol and the charging speed is increased by 2.5 times

    Brand: iP
    Quick charge agreement: PD3.0
    Models supported:
    iP 11,iP 11 Pro,iP 11 Pro Max,iPXS Max,iPXS,iPXR,iPX,iP 8

    fast charging



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